About me

Arnas Laumenis

I am a 21-year-old freelancer who specializes in websites development. I've been in online business for more than 4 years. While developing websites I do my best to make sure that everything is of the highest quality, innovative, and will meet your expectations. I value Your time and understand its importance. That is why I finish all my work on time.

Website development

Every website is divided according to its type of information. I can offer you my services of creating 3 different types of websites.

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Personal and bussines websites
eCommerce / online stores
Individual solutions


Website is a reflection of Your business. The main function is to reach out to your clients and partners.


Electronic commerce is the trading in products or services using Internet. One of eCommerce form is online shopping store which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services

Business websites

Business website present business or production of your company. The main emphasis on this sort of website is given to design, uniqueness, and the idea itself.

Indivudual solutions

Project which is developed according to your personal wishes and ideas.

  • Responsive web design

    Responsive design is adapted to fluidly change and respond to fit any screen or device size. It allows your website to be surfed using all the platforms (desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones) without any issues.

  • Functionality

    Websites and online stores are known for having a great content management system in terms of functionalism. This includes various forms of inquiry, registration and login, newsletters, galleries and other options.

  • Newest technologies

    More than 5 years in the field allows me to offer services of the highest quality. By paying attention to current tendencies and using newest technologies, your website will look clean and modern.

  • Coding

    I can do various coding tasks with PHP, HTML / CSS. I also work with these content management systems: WordPress / WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify.

  • Website maintenance

    Corrections of your websites content, updates of content management system and it's modules, server migration, coding errors fixes and other administration work.

  • Data security

    Data security is an important condition when shopping online and using electronic banking. You can improve the security of the website by using SSL certificates and modern hosting services which come with an Anti-DDoS security.

  • SEO optimization

    Search engine optimisation is a professional optimization of a website which helps attract target audience and ensures top positions in search engines such as Google.

  • Google AdWords

    Google AdWords is a great solution for those who want fast results. You can attract a bigger audience and more potential customers using Google AdWords.

  • Social marketing

    It's one of the most effective internet marketing techniques. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media, today is an integral part of the business. A correct usage of social media strengthens your brand, promotes sales and expands target audience.



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